About Careseekers

Careseekers is a digital platform that links individuals and families to care and support workers. Promoting choice and control over care and support, and work opportunities for care and support workers.

Careseekers was set up by sister duo Marissa Sandler and Lauren Hockley in 2015. The idea came from the personal experiences their family had supporting their grandparents remain at home as they aged. They wanted to support other individuals and families to connect with workers and recognised technology as a great way to make this happen.

Marissa was working in disability discrimination and saw how a platform like Careseekers could offer a safe, and empowering way for people with disabilities to connect with support workers online. Lauren had worked in social enterprises, start ups and had all the right tech and marketing skills to make the platform happen.

Marissa and Lauren actively work in the business and love helping individuals and families all over Australia connect to care and support workers. There is nothing better than making a match between an individual or family and a support worker, especially in regional and remote areas, where services can be difficult to access.

The platform is easy to use and supports individuals to find and communicate with workers, create contracts and pay workers.

However, Careseekers is “ more than just a platform” and the friendly customer support team is there to help connect individuals and families with care and support workers, especially those who are less tech savvy. Careseekers is built on the idea that technology should be an enabler, not a roadblock, to connecting individuals and families with care and support workers.

We work closely with the disability and aged care organisations and have partnerships in place with support coordinators, plan managers, case managers and disability providers across Australia.