Frequently Asked Questions for Care Seekers

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1. Using Careseekers

What is Careseekers?

Careseekers is a digital platform that connects individuals, families and organisations to care and support workers. Our focus is aged, disability and post-operative care.

Careseekers was created to give people choice and control over the care and support they receive.

Care and support can be provided in your place of choice including your home, community, an aged care facility or group home.

You choose the worker and it is this person who will deliver the care or support every time. This means there is consistency and continuity in the care and support delivered. There is also the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with workers.

Finally, you set the dates and times the care or support is provided.

It really is care and support on your terms.

How does it work?

Care and support workers have created profiles on the platform, stating their hourly rates, employment history, experience and skills.

To connect with a worker you can either:

  • search for a worker in your area, and filter by requirements e.g. language, skills
  • post your job requirements and interested workers will get in contact with you.

To connect with workers you will need to post your job requirements. For families and individuals, the first job post is free (subsequent job posts are $19.95).

Communication with care and support workers takes place through our secure, internal messaging system. When you are comfortable, you can take communication off the platform – to meet in person or speak over the phone.

Once you have engaged a worker, you pay them through our easy to use payment system. For people who are time poor or want assistance choosing a worker we offer a Concierge Service. Using this service, a member of our Care Team will source suitable candidates for your role. To learn more about our Concierge Service click here.

How is Careseekers different from an agency?

Careseekers is not an agency. We do not employ the workers. Rather, Careseekers brings together independent care workers and people needing care or support. The workers set their own rates. Without the overheads of a bricks and mortar business, rates are significantly less. This means Careseekers provides an affordable way to access care and support. For more information on hourly rates see below on ‘How much do care and support workers charge?’

What type of care and support can I get through Careseekers?

Workers can assist with a wide variety of tasks including personal care, meal preparation, cooking, shopping, cleaning, social companionship, transport and support for daily living skills.

Most workers on the platform will assist with a number of tasks, for example, cooking and cleaning and personal care. This means you get real value for money as a number of tasks can be completed during one visit.

Workers on the platform may also be willing to provide overnight care and support, and some are interested in live-in roles.

The best thing about Careseekers is that you put your unique request on the platform and if a care or support worker can assist, they will.

What is the relationship between the care or support worker and me?

The workers are independent contractors who you engage to do care or support work. Independent contractors are responsible for their own tax and super contributions.

For more information on whether a care worker is an employee or contractor and sample contracts you can use download our free guide ‘Engaging a care worker’ here.

What background checks have you done on care workers on your site?

To register with Careseekers, care and support workers must have a National Police Check Certificate, 100 points ID and two references.

They also need to ‘on-board’ – this involves creating a care worker profile on the platform and speaking to a member of our Community Care Team.

When you are posting a job and interviewing workers yourself, It is advisable that you also view the worker’s National Police Check Certificate before engaging them. Most police check certificates will indicate that the person has no offences. If a care worker has offences listed on their police check certificate, you need to decide whether you will engage the care worker.

Please note, Careseekers has a Police Check Policy, which can be found here.

It is also essential that you ask the care worker for their referees and call two referees before hiring the care worker.

If you are unsure what to ask a referee, we have provided a list of reference questions for you to use. They are available in the Resources section of our platform which can be found here.

Please note, if you use our Concierge Service we will speak to the worker’s referees and discuss with them the specific requirements of your role.

Are my details visible to care and support workers?

No. Your personal details are not visible to anyone. Further, all communication between you and the workers takes place through the Careseekers messaging system. You never need to give personal details like your phone number or personal email until you feel comfortable to do so.

I forgot my password

Simply click forgot password on the login page and a password reset will be sent to your email.

Occasionally our password reset emails find themselves in your spam or junk folder so please check in these folders if you do not receive the email.

I didn’t receive my verification code

To post your first job you will need to enter a verification code. This code will be sent to your email. If you didn’t receive your verification code, please check your spam or junk mail folders. If you still cannot locate your verification code, please give our customer support team a call on 1300 765 465.

What about insurances?

Care and support workers working and paid through the Careseekers platform are covered by our public liability insurance policy placed by CGU. This means that any injury caused to you/the person receiving care or support or your/their property by the worker, will be covered by this insurance policy. For further details on this insurance policy, including any exclusions, click here. For a detailed copy of this policy, please email

Care or support workers are responsible for their own personal accident insurance i.e. insurance if they injure themselves while working. Careseekers has partnered with Roobyx to give workers easy access to personal accident insurance.

What if I don’t find a care worker on your site?

Please get in contact with us if you have not been able to find a suitable care or support worker and we may able to assist you further through our Concierge Service.

2. Costs

How much do care and support workers charge?

Care and support workers set their own rates. They generally charge by the hour, and may be negotiable.

Workers’ rates are stated on their care worker profiles and are generally between $25-$35 per hour for care and support provided Monday to Friday.

The different rates care and support workers charge reflect their experience and may also take into account what is required in the role.

Care or support workers who need to drive as part of their shift will charge mileage in addition to their hourly rate.

Rates may be different for overnight, weekend and public holiday roles.

If you have a set budget, discuss it with the workers, as they may be able to work within your budget.

How do I pay the care or support worker?

The only way to pay workers is through the Careseekers payment system. This is part of the Careseekers platform. The payment system is easy to use and secure. For details on how to use the payment system, see the section below on ‘Making Payments’.

I get funding from the Government for in-home care. Can I use this money to pay for a care worker I find on Careseekers?

Yes. If you receive a Home Care Package (aged care funding) or NDIS funding please get in contact with our Customer Support team to set this up. Please call 1300 765 465 and press option 3. You can also ask your provider to get in touch with us to set it up on your behalf. We work with lots of providers and there is a good chance we work with yours.

What are the costs for using the Careseekers platform?

Careseekers charges a 5% fee on top of your worker’s hourly rate.

Careseekers adds real value – it brings a community of willing, able and verified care and support workers to you, provides resources and support when engaging and managing your care or support workers, includes a safe, secure a payment system and provides place public liability insurance and personal accident insurance for the care and support workers you engage through the platform.

Can I pay my worker privately or cash in hand?

No. All work must be paid for through the Careseekers platform. Failure to do so will result in removal from the platform.

3. Making Payments

How do I pay my care or support worker?

Simply and securely through the Careseekers platform.

Once you have engaged a worker, make sure you ‘invite’ them to apply for your job.

When you have decided which care or support worker you would like to engage you simply award them the role, it is at this point that you can create your service agreement with the worker.

Once they are working for you, they will start to submit invoices for payment.

You will receive an email letting you know you have an invoice for payment. To view the invoice log in to the Careseekers platform and click on the ‘Manage account’ tab. Here you will be able to review the hours worked and make payment.

Payment can be made using credit card or via EFT.

My care or support is Government funded. How do I arrange payment?

Enter your provider’s details under your ‘Manage account’ tab.

Invoices submitted by your worker will ben sent to your provider for payment.

What if I disagree with the hours worked on the invoice submitted?

You can ask the worker to resubmit their invoice through the platform. There is a box for you to provide details on what needs to be corrected.

Is there a history of all the invoices sent to me?

Yes. All past paid and unpaid invoices can be viewed under the ‘Manage Account’ tab.

We are an organisation looking to hire care or support workers. Can we use the Careseekers platform?

Yes. You will need to post your organisation’s jobs on the Careseekers platform or use our managed recruitment solution. To find out more contact or call 1300 765 465 and ask to speak to our Partnerships and Community Manager.