Complaints, Suggestions and Feedback Policy

Policy Statement

Careseekers genuinely welcomes and encourages all platform users to provide feedback, complaints and suggestions; they are all valued and will help us to develop a better platform to meet customer needs and deliver positive outcomes.

Careseekers’ Customer Service Charter represents our vision and values and sets out what NDIS participants can expect from our Careseekers when choosing our organisation to provide care workers.

To deliver on the intent and principles of our Customer Service Charter, Careseekers is committed to providing a high quality and professional service that meets the needs of each service participant.


This policy has been developed to ensure customers of Careseekers feel confident of being able to make a complaint and give honest feedback about any aspect of our service and their experience, in the knowledge that their comments and concerns will be considered and acted on promptly and effectively.

Careseekers is committed to maintain and continue to improve the quality of its services it provides to its customers. Hence, Careseekers will always acknowledge, investigate and seek to resolve every item of feedback, complaint or suggestion from a care seeker in accordance with best practice guidelines, irrespective of a customer’s age, gender, race, ethnic or national origin, domestic circumstances, social and employment status, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability or other grounds.


This Policy applies to every person using Careseekers’ services.

Careseekers CEO and CMO are responsible for the implementation this policy.

All complaints, comments and feedback relating to Careseekers services will be dealt with in accordance with this policy, which is based on the complaints handling approach outlined in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018.

Complaints, comments, and feedback

Careseekers will make sure all people using services are given information when they start using our service about how to make a complaint, including how to contact relevant external agencies.

Careseekers will contribute to a culture where free expression of both complaints and positive feedback is encouraged.

A person who wants to make a complaint or feedback can choose to provide Careseekers directly or to relevant external agencies.

Feedback and complaints can be communicated in any way the person chooses (it does not have to be in writing).

Careseekers staff will make sure people who want to make a complaint or provide feedback have any communications or advocacy support they need to do it. Including the use of language interpreters.

All complaints will be taken seriously and addressed promptly. The person who has made a complaint will be contacted within 5 working days to discuss their concerns. We aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days.

If any allegations are made that involve criminal activity or serious incidents, Careseekers staff will support the person to report it and will not condone or hide criminal activity.


The privacy of everyone involved will always be protected and treated confidentially during the course of investigation and resolution of complaints.

Careseekers staff will make sure people who have made complaints feel supported while their complaints are investigated, and will keep them informed about progress in the investigation and resolution. The person making the complaint, or their nominated representative, will be involved in the process of resolving their complaint. Careseekers will advise the person that it is their right to have an advocate through this process.

Careseekers will also offer support to the person to complete the Complaints and Feedback Form if the person requests assistance.

Complaints will be resolved by the Careseekers staff and if no resolution is reached the complaint will be referred to an independent body for further investigation if the complainant provides consent for this to happen.

If a serious complaint or suspicion involves a person who is 16 or younger at the time of the incident, it comes under mandatory reporting laws.

If a complaint or suspicion involves a person using Careseekers services who needs complex communication support, Careseekers staff will use appropriate alternative communication supports.

Careseekers will ensure that no care seeker or their support people experience negative consequences or disadvantage because of making a complaint or expressing their view.

Reporting and recording

Records will be kept of all complaints and the actions that Careseekers take to address them.

Careseekers will report all complaints to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission as requested.

Careseekers will monitor and analyse all complaints and will keep a Complaints Register to identify any patterns and to inform continuous improvement changes.

Positive feedback will only be used in promotion of Careseekers if the person has provided written consent for a specific period.