• A live-in carer is providing peace of mind for all the family.
    Suzy's Story

    Suzy was looking for someone to move in with her much loved mother-in-law, Val. Although her mind was sharp and she was very independent, the family were worried about her being home alone at night and she did need help getting ready for bed. The family was hoping to find someone to move in with Val, someone who was home at night but was not needed in the days. Through our Concierge Service, they found a few care workers who would suit this unique arrangement.

    "We eventually chose Viri, a warm, compassionate woman who had recently arrived in Sydney and was looking for care work and a place to live. The arrangement is working beautifully for Val and Viri. We've been blessed to find each other says Viri and Val agrees."
  • In-home carer for the first time.
    June's Story

    Following a fracture for which she was hospitalised, June needed some in-home care. Her daughter, who lives in Brisbane, came down to Sydney to help her for a few weeks, but she had to get back home. Until this happened June had never had in-home help before. June contacted Careseekers and used their Concierge Service.

    "I would definitely recommend Careseekers. The service and the carers I accessed through them have been very helpful. I'm pleased I got Careseekers to reference check the carers for me. It's not that I couldn't have done it, but after the operation, I was so washed out I didn't have the energy for that type of thing"
  • Mum was determined to stay at home as she aged.
    Mary's Story

    Mary’s 80-year-old mother lives independently. Mary became increasingly concerned about her mother’s ability to remain at home alone as she has a parathyroid problem and increasing delirium, Initially Mary moved her mother into her home but knew the best thing for her mother, and their relationship, was for her mother to be in her own home with a care worker. Mary used the Careseekers Concierge Service and found the service excellent.

    "Careseekers referred me to three care workers who I interviewed and then I made a personal choice about who I thought was best. My mother was initially annoyed at the thought of a live in care worker and it became a source of conflict between us. I was also worried about how it would go. Now I see it as another pair of hands to assist me with my mother, It is the best thing I did, I am very happy and it was a very good choice."
  • Giving a caring daughter some time out.
    Dora's Story

    It was difficult for Dora to watch her vivacious, opinionated mother Mary spiral into the depths of dementia. As her mother deteriorated further, Dora and her siblings assessed their options. They were adamant about keeping Mary at home. Luckily Dora was able to move in with her mother and take on a full time caring role.

    Caring can be exhausting and Dora soon found she needed some time out. With her other siblings unable to help, the family decided to hire in-home care workers. Dora contacted Careseekers and using their Concierge Service found a care worker named Louisa. Louisa has been caring for Mary for six months now and they have developed a great bond.

    "We didn’t quite know where to start in our search, we knew we wanted to be able to choose the carer ourselves and that we needed them to be really flexible with the hours they could work as mum’s needs were unpredictable and I needed someone to be there with her when I had enough and needed a break.

    The customer service was fantastic. It is such an overwhelming time in one’s life and having the Careseekers team take charge of the situation and present me with three potential carers who are reference checked and police checked took a load off my shoulders. The customer care team went out of their way to find the right carer for mum. I meet with three carers before finding Louisa who my mother just loves.

    Louisa is very empathetic and has a lovely presence around the home. Louisa speaks a bit of Greek as she used to work at a nursing home with a number of Greek patients. This is wonderful for mum who is slipping back to her native Greek language as her dementia worsens."
  • Personally choosing the care worker has been the key to maintaining successful care.
    Sue's Story

    Sue’s husband has dementia, which is progressively getting worse. Her husband was assessed as eligible for government funded support but there was no cohesion to the service delivery and the system was difficult to navigate. Once the income assessment was introduced, it made more sense for Sue to access private care on an ad-hoc basis.

    "Until we used Careseekers we had tried a number of private agencies. Every time you use a new service they want to come and assess the situation. Inevitably they put in place care workers that live too far away so the care workers stop coming. Abigail, the care worker we got through the site, is wonderful. One of the best care workers I've ever had. Prior to using Careseekers I’ve had quite a few care workers as my husband has needed them for a while. However it’s really settled down since I’ve found Abigail. If I needed another care worker I would definitely use Careseekers. You are more in control of the situation –you get to choose the care workers and the care worker rates are reasonable."